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Koonek: The legend

Koonek, the wise old witch of the tribe was too exhausted to continue walking to the north, winter was coming and they had to look for places where hunting is not missing. As in those days was common, they built a good kau and left her plenty of food, but probably not reach for the whole winter. By that times there doesn`t exist horses or calafates. She was totally alone, until the birds migrated with the arrival of the first snows, but she inexplicably subsist.

Upon arrival of spring startin to come back the first swallows, some chorlos and some restless buzzard. Koonek was angry whith tham for having left alone, plunged into silence, to which the birds responded that it was because during the winter they haven`t any place to hide from the wind and cold, also in autumn there was no food. Koonek, without leaving the kau answered them. -- "From now you will have shelter and food."

When they opened the kau, the old woman was no longer there, she has turned into a beautiful plant with fragrant and beutifull yellow flowers that in summer were already purple fruits. The birds ate the fruits, also the Tsonekas (the ancient inhabitants of these lands) and distributed the seeds from Aike (place) to Aike (place). the birds never left and those who left returned.

Therefore: "Who eats Calafate, always returns" .-

From Book "Joiuen Tsoneka ( tehuelches`s legends)" by Mario Echeverría Baleta.

We are convinced that once you contemplate the wonderful landscapes of Patagonia Argentina you will want to come back. When you do, we will continue here, to offer you the service you deserve.

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