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El Chaltén

At the end of the National Park Los Glaciares, located in the valley of El Rio de las Vueltas, on the foot of the Cerro Fitz Roy of approximately 3,400 meters of height and of the Cerro Torre of approximately 3,125 meters, is El Chalten, the youngest town of Argentina, founded the 12 of October of 1985. This town counts on little more than about 600 inhabitants.

During the summer the population increases and visitors from all parts of the country and the world are astonished when contemplating colorful hills with green dyes of the great amount and diversity of flora, and the white of the snow and the ice characteristic of the Patagonia Argentina. The diversity of these landscapes in which forests of lenga and ñire are mixed sees invaded by typical animals of the region like hares, foxes colored, pumas, eagles Moors, cóndor, among others.

The Fitz Roy has a form unmistakable from certain perspective similar to a volcano, its top is almost always cover by a cloud that Tehuelches, old inhabitants of these earth confused with smoke, which gave rise to the native name of the hill, Chalten, that in language tehuelche means “volcano”.

El Chaltén is one of the more important centers of scaling of Argentina, declared National Capital of Trekking. It's an ideal place to make all type of activities like long walks, cavalcades, mountain bike, navigation, between many others and to make contact with the typical nature of the Argentine south.

Between the many long walks that can be made you find the long walks to the Laguna Torre, to the Rio Blanco, the camping bases of the Fitz Roy, to Laguna de los Tres, Laguna Capri, Chorrillo del Salto, etc. at which in its majority it's possible to arrived without difficulties by footpaths that leave from the same town thus does not make lack be expert to make the long walks.

Just 32 km from El Chaltén is the Lago del Desierto, is a paradise of forests and glaciers that do not give faith to their name (Desert's Lake), where is possible to practice fishing, trekking, among other activities.

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